Voipfuture Received the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award

Hamburg, Germany
September 8th, 2016

About Voipfuture 

Voipfuture is a voice over IP service monitoring and analytics company, offering the only carrier-grade dual-visibility platform on the market.

Voipfuture Received the Frost & Sullivan “Global Voice Quality Monitoring Customer Value Leadership” Award.

 Voipfuture has been awarded by Frost & Sullivan for its voice quality monitoring solution, which stands out in the market by virtue of its innovative attributes and functional capabilities.

“Capitalizing on its ability to monitor and analyze media quality over IP networks, Voipfuture evaluates the overall network performance as well as the quality of voice over IP (VoIP) services. At the same time, Frost & Sullivan appreciates how Voipfuture conducts media quality analysis on IP networks to identify network performance issues and address them holistically ‐ compared to the traditional issue‐by‐issue, crisis‐by‐crisis approach,” said Olga Yashkova, Program Manager, Frost & Sullivan.

She continued: “Voipfuture’s Qrystal allows its users to receive information about the root causes that are bringing down their network performance. These metrics also single out the periods of poor quality in terms of connectivity problems at the beginning of the calls, call drops, voice breaks, and cross talk – amongst others. Such detailing allows network engineers to trace the exact time and location of the issue and make prompt decisions.”

Qrystal, Voipfuture’s core product, is the industry’s first voice quality solution that combines the capabilities of RTP and SIP monitoring platforms. Customers now have the analytics to control their voice service in all aspects.

“The Best-In-Practice award matches well with our dramatic growth of new and existing deployments,” commented Jan Bastian, Voipfuture’s CEO. “We are proud of the business value we return to our customers. The award has come at an exceptional time for Voipfuture. More service providers then ever have decided to use Qrystal.”

Best Practices Awards are presented each year to companies that have created advanced technologies that will transform industries in the near future.

Voipfuture is about visible voice quality. It develops technology for monitoring and analyzing quality in IP networks – to control and evaluate network performance and quality of voice over IP services (NGN, IMS, LTE).

Voipfuture’s technology is exceptionally scalable and applicable to a wide range of network environments, from enterprise branch sites to major interconnection points and carrier networks.

Use cases include

  • Troubleshooting
  • Network performance optimization
  • Customer care applications
  • Interconnection monitoring
  • Customer SLA monitoring

Ready to explore our unique approach to voice service monitoring and analytics?

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