Unique RTP time-slicing technology

The biggest challenge of voice service operators today is assessing in-call speech quality. To get a full picture of call quality you need to generate performance data for millions of RTP packets per second. Now that’s a daunting task. 

Our platform continuously analyzes all packets flowing through your network. Qrystal Probes use unique timeslicing technology, providing deep insights into the voice-related user experience in near real-time.

Voipfuture’s RTP timeslicing technology provides all the data you need to successfully run your voice service, plus high temporal detail to help you analyze root causes. It also provides an accurate bird’s eye view of your network performance.

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Essential dual visibility

For maximum visibility, VoIP analytics must encompass both the control and media planes. We have mastered SIP and RTP monitoring, and offer the only carrier-grade Dual Visibility solution on the market.

Slicing and aggregation

Having the ability to group call data according to business-relevant criteria is crucial for many use cases. Using our technology, you can configure the SIP trunking and numbering plan groupings that are applied to each call, and correlated streams. You can essentially analyze or report relevant subsets of calls using these groups and aggregates.

Multi-stage correlation engine

Multi-stage correlation produces rich call detail records, allowing for full end-to-end call visibility. The first stage applies a patented online correlation mechanism, which correlates signaling and media information while VoIP sessions and media streams are still in progress. The second stage correlates all xDRs and RTP stream call data measured at different points in the network, to create call details records (CDR) that represent an end-to-end call view.

Analysis of every RTP packet

User experience strongly depends on the codec and its parameters. Quality can differ from packet to packet, which means that user satisfaction can change every 20ms. Our technology analyzes every RTP packet, including the specific audio encoding, to accurately estimate the user experience per every 5 second timeslice.

Patented automatic root cause indicators

Our technology continuously monitors SIP and RTP traffic for impairment patterns. Indicators mark calls and streams with these known patterns, which make it extremely easy to find and monitor issues. Automatically benefit from over a decade of VoIP troubleshooting experience.

Ready to explore our unique approach to voice service monitoring and analytics?

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