Take full control of your voice-service quality

Qrystal provides communication service providers, wholesalers, enterprises, call centers and cloud-based voice providers with unique, dual visibility monitoring capabilities for analyzing both SIP and RTP packets.

Unlike other solutions, Qrystal provides visibility into both control and media plane. This way, you get the full picture of in-call user experience, all in one place.

Voipfuture’s patented technology automatically identifies typical impairment patterns, allowing you to reduce the time it takes to fix problems.

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An agile, customer-focused voice monitoring and analytics platform

Qrystal is the only solution to provide actionable timeslice KPIs for assessing in-call user experience. Timeslice KPIs deliver MOS per call, but with all the temporal detail!

Combining voice quality assurance with root cause analysis

Providing deep insights through intelligent packet-by-packet inspection

Enabling effective, automated troubleshooting for both signaling and media issues

Offering accurate voice service intelligence through RTP time slicing

Unique, dual visibility into control and media plane KPIs

Visibility into call connectivity via SIP signaling monitoring 

Data-based insights through 360-degree voice quality information

Visibility into the in-call user experience by monitoring RTP media in detail

Qrystal main features

A perfect combination of distributed Probes and a central Manager

Real-time analysis of voice packets on a link is provided by Qrystal Probes. The central Qrystal Manager collects quality information for post-processing, storage and display.

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Qrystal Probes

  • Determine the signaling and media stream characteristics at multiple points throughout the network.
  • Inspect all in-memory SIP, RTP and RTCP packets in real time.
  • Generate highly compressed timeslice metrics for further processing by the Qrystal Manager.
  • Analyze call-related SIP signaling at a monitoring point and summarize as xDRs.

Qrystal Manager - a carrier-grade data warehouse

  • Collects all the metric data from the Qrystal Probes for post-processing and aggregation. The data warehouse stores KPIs, CDRs, and other data.
  • A wide-array of analytics and troubleshooting capabilities for effective operations and service monitoring.
  • Numerous interfaces for integration with Operations Support Systems (OSS)/Business Support Systems (BSS) are available out of box.

Patented fixed time-slicing technology

This unique technology creates quality data records (QDRs) which contain highly condensed statistical information for every 5-second segment of an RTP stream. Our QDRs hold several hundred values, ratios, KPIs, and even automatic root cause indicators.

Intuitive, accurate and widely accepted KPIs

These KPIs are used for:

  • Dashboards for NOCs, VoLTE eNB performance monitoring, SLA monitoring, etc. 
  • Adaptive alarming on signaling performance, in-call user experience (MOS) and network performance.
  • Portals and reports for end customers.

Working with Voipfuture is beneficial to all telecommunication players

Qrystal is applicable to all VoIP services, including VoLTE, VoWiFi, IMA, IPX, NGN and enterprise services.

Mobile Networks

Simply using HD codecs is not enough to ensure premium voice quality. This is why Qrystal provides individual cell performance, reasons for call drops and other key data.

Fixed Networks

CSPs can only gain a competitive edge if they maintain excellent voice quality. Qrystal keeps service quality under control while ensuring the efficient use of resources.

Wholesale Networks

 IPX and international wholesale services have undergone profound changes in recent years, making high-quality user experience a must as a key differentiator.

Enterprises and Call Centers

Enterprises and call centers are often faced with the challenge of managing voice services delivered by different providers using one IP infrastructure. This complicates identifying faults and root causes.

Cloud Deployments

Moving voice services to the cloud carries many benefits. However, leveraging these benefits without compromising user experience requires a high level of visibility.

Qrystal Intelligence

A business intelligence solution that provides fascinating insights into your voice service and network. Qrystal’s unique monitoring statistics are processed in the context of your own business rules and then analyzed and visualized interactively for both management and operations.

In addition, Qrystal Intelligence generates intelligent alarms to detect anomalies in network and service performance based on all VoIP traffic flowing through your network.

Why customers choose Qrystal

Signaling monitoring
Call flow diagrams
Registration monitoring
Call traces/packet recording
Average MOS per call
Accurate MOS with high temporal resolution
Automatic root cause detection
Codec detection on packet level
Aggregation for trunks & numbering plans
Support for timeslice KPIs (ETSI TR 103639)
Vendor independence
"Our team hasn't had any complaints about voice quality since we put Qrystal in"
Richard Milner
Project Manager, Vodafone UK
“From the moment we installed the system we have been able to control the quality provided to us by our service provider. RTP Monitoring allows us to reduce the organizational reaction time to voice-related issues.”
Olaf Schneider
“It is difficult to see how anyone could launch Voice over WiFi services without a tool like Qrystal. Being able to identify WiFi-related service degradation is key to our efficient operations."
Amir Haviv
Manager, Assurance and Analytics for Mobile, Partner
“We appreciate how Voipfuture conducts media quality analysis on IP networks to identify network performance issues and address them holistically ‐ compared to the traditional issue‐by‐issue, crisis‐by‐crisis approach.”
Olga Yashkova
Program Manager, Frost & Sullivan
“Finally, we can constantly improve our service, reduce our churn rate and set a mark in service quality.”
Matthias Winter
“Ensuring a high quality experience for consumers and carrier partners is paramount, and Voipfuture tools provide us with the rich data and insight to help deliver this for our customers.”
Clive Goodwin
Head of International Voice Services at Vodafone
“Voipfuture stood out with their impressive technology and their experience. The Voipfuture team is very professional and customer-oriented, which perfectly aligns with our approach to the market. We are very happy to be working with them on the outstanding R&S©AVQA product.”
Constantin Reden
VP Market Segment ATC/AD at R&S
“Voipfuture’s solution stood out during our assessment for voice quality monitoring and proved its value in the first month after deployment. It delivers real-time data visibility for both quality of service and quality of experience. This is essential for us to continuously improve speech quality for our customers.”
Ronen Keshet
Head of Partner Network Engineering, Partner

How can cloud-based voice service providers benefit from Qrystal?

Learn how to maintain full control over customer experience while benefiting from the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud with significantly reduced TCO

Ready to explore our unique approach to voice service monitoring and analytics?

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