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Founded in 2007, Voipfuture aims to provide premium voice service quality monitoring and analytics solutions (VoIP QoS). Voice over IP is arguably the most demanding IP-based service. To maintain high customer satisfaction levels, service providers must ensure flawless operations, while keeping costs low.

Voipfuture products offer communication service providers, wholesalers, enterprises, call centers and cloud-based voice services a precise view on both the media and control plane.

Today’s voice services require a better approach to reveal the hidden value of voice data. We offer a unique, dual visibility into both SIP and RTP for the packet-switched new telephony world. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Voipfuture is deployed globally in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Australia.


Founding of Voipfuture by a group of Siemens VoIP monitoring experts
First commercial GbE probe on COTS hardware to monitor RTP traffic at full line rate
First nation-wide deployment of Qrystal in tier-1 operator network
Grant of first patent on RTP timeslicing technology
Introduction of dual visibility
First multi-national Qrystal deployment covering all continents
First production deployment in private cloud
Go-live of first tier-1 LTE network deployment
Monitoring record for 1 million concurrent calls in single deployment – including all RTP media
Award for “Most innovative VoLTE solution” (IMS World Forum)
Introduction of Qrystal Business Intelligence solution
First live AWS deployments
Initial 5G/VoNR product offering for AWS
First vendor to provide ETSI TR 103639 media KPIs

Our Advantage

The secret of Voipfuture lies in its technology which provides both the required details for efficient voice-service operation and a bird’s eye view of data for management. When it comes to voice analytics, we go far beyond the plain protocol decoding offered by others

Customer focus

Voipfuture solutions focus on actual user experiences and offer deep insights through actionable time-slicing KPIs

Operational efficiency

All traffic is automatically analyzed in real time, and intelligent indicators highlight any detected SIP and RTP impairments

Voipfuture solutions

Voipfuture solutions are deployed in many different VoIP networks around the world, including large tier-one voice service providers, enterprise and call centers, and cloud deployments

Leadership team

Jan Bastian
Jan Bastian
Eyal Ullert
Eyal Ullert
CO Sales & Marketing
Dr. Michael Wallbaum
Dr. Michael Wallbaum
Director Product Marketing
Christoph Timm
Christoph Timm
Pre-Sales Director
Leor Penn
Leor Penn
VP Sales
Michael Krüger
Michael Krüger
Head of Development

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