Wholesale Network

IPX and international wholesale services have undergone some profound changes in recent years, making high-quality user experience a key differentiator.

Monitor the quality of interconnections and interconnection partners

Qrystal provides all relevant signaling KPIs and media quality KPIs for deep insights into the service performance. For this purpose, Qrystal can group calls per route and destination and can distinguish the quality by call setup direction and media stream direction.

Enable meaningful and verifiable IPX SLAs

The available KPIs allow CSPs to offer and report on voice SLAs for premium services. They also let CSPs verify whether interconnection partners meet defined service levels. Both aspects (SLA offering and verification) are tightly linked, since a CSP that received bad traffic from an interconnection partner will be held responsible by the party to which it had passed the bad traffic.

Cost-effective passive monitoring

International routes are often monitored using active test calls which consume network resources, incur fees and only provide limited data. Qrystal is a non-intrusive passive monitoring solution that provides full detail on all live calls with low operational expenses. Qrystal KPIs and statistics on routes, interconnection partners, originations and destinations lay a solid data foundation for operational and business decisions.

An integrated real-time call monitoring function for user plane (media) and control plane (signaling)

Traditionally, routing decisions are based on signaling KPIs, such as ACD and NER (and their IETF counterparts). Qrystal’s dual visibility technology supports these signaling KPIs as well as new ETSI Timeslice KPIs for monitoring the user plane. This dual visibility is essential when HD voice and premium user experience is part of your business strategy.

Why customers choose Qrystal

Signaling monitoring
Call flow diagrams
Registration monitoring
Call traces/packet recording
Average MOS per call
Accurate MOS with high temporal resolution
Automatic root cause detection
Codec detection on packet level
Aggregation for trunks & numbering plans
Support for timeslice KPIs (ETSI TR 103639)
Vendor independence
“Ensuring a high quality experience for consumers and carrier partners is paramount, and Voipfuture tools provide us with the rich data and insight to help deliver this for our customers.”
Clive Goodwin
Head of International Voice Services at Vodafone
“We appreciate how Voipfuture conducts media quality analysis on IP networks to identify network performance issues and address them holistically ‐ compared to the traditional issue‐by‐issue, crisis‐by‐crisis approach.”
Olga Yashkova
Program Manager, Frost & Sullivan
“One of the major challenges for CSPs is converting network-related data into business outcomes.
Cool Vendor Report 2012

Next-generation KPIs for next-generation voice services

Effectively measuring the quality of VoIP services is crucial. ETSI defines proven and accurate time slicing KPIs which complement the well-known and widely used SIP signaling KPIs .

This white paper explains the fixed time slicing technology, which provides MOS and other metrics to accurately assess in-call user experience. 

Ready to explore our unique approach to voice service monitoring and analytics?

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