Fixed Networks

One of the main ways for CSPs to gain a competitive edge is to maintain excellent voice quality. Qrystal keeps service quality under control, while ensuring efficient use of resources. Qrystal is perfectly suited for even the largest IMS and NGN networks. Qrystal is designed to analyze, handle and store data related to billions of call minutes and scales, from small regional carriers to the largest Tier-1 networks. All call-related information is available for weeks and can be accessed by other OSS and BSS systems.

Monitor and document speech quality of all actual VoIP calls

Qrystal doesn’t just analyze call signaling, but also the media transport performance providing valuable data on in-call quality. This gives you a continuous, deep and comprehensive view into everything that is happening in your VoIP network and how it affects user experience. We guarantee accurate data on every live call in near real-time.

Optimize the network and service performance

Qrystal KPIs are actionable and provide unique data to improve your network and service quality. This allows you to quickly identify misconfigured network elements, minimize resource utilization, and optimize license usage. The KPIs are particularly beneficial to benchmark service performance and user experience before any changes to the network are made.

Image of network operation center

Quickly identify the root causes of problems

Conventional troubleshooting requires time and expertise. Qrystal automatically detects many common issues and identifies their root cause. This reduces the time required for fixing even the most complex issues, such as one-way audio, from months to hours. Qrystal offers service automation and proactive operations benefits, from the ability to trigger alarms on automatic root cause indicators.

Pinpoint responsibilities in shared infrastructure and interconnection scenarios

Qrystal continuously monitors network and service performance at different points in the network. This is useful for avoiding and resolving potential blame-games when offering a service over third party networks or when exchanging traffic with interconnection partners. Any issues can be quickly isolated and attributed to the responsible party.

Why customers choose Qrystal

Signaling monitoring
Call flow diagrams
Registration monitoring
Call traces/packet recording
Average MOS per call
Accurate MOS with high temporal resolution
Automatic root cause detection
Codec detection on packet level
Aggregation for trunks & numbering plans
Support for timeslice KPIs (ETSI TR 103639)
Vendor independence
"Our team hasn't had any complaints about voice quality since we put Qrystal in"
Richard Milner
Project Manager, Vodafone UK
“From the moment we installed the system we have been able to control the quality provided to us by our service provider. RTP Monitoring allows us to reduce the organizational reaction time to voice-related issues.”
Olaf Schneider
“Finally, we can constantly improve our service, reduce our churn rate and set a mark in service quality.”
Matthias Winter

Next-generation KPIs for next-generation voice services

Effectively measuring the quality of VoIP services is crucial. ETSI defines proven and accurate time slicing KPIs which complement the well-known and widely used SIP signaling KPIs .

This white paper explains the fixed time slicing technology, which provides MOS and other metrics to accurately assess in-call user experience. 

Ready to explore our unique approach to voice service monitoring and analytics?

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