Tier-1 deployment in Germany of new Qlear solution

Hamburg, Germany
November 29th , 2016

About Voipfuture 

Voipfuture is a voice over IP service monitoring and analytics company, offering the only carrier-grade dual-visibility platform on the market.


In order to support telecommunications service providers to exploit growth opportunities in the VoIP enterprise market Voipfuture developed the new Qlear solution.

Enterprise voice services open an attractive market, yet the complex environment can lead to immense technical service costs. Efficiently managing the technical challenges is the key to success.

Qlear offers an app for customer pre-qualification and troubleshooting as well as a Qlear enterprise probe that uniquely combines state of the art active and passive monitoring technologies. The Qlear user interface is designed for non-technical and service technicians.

As Dr. Michael Wallbaum, Director Product Marketing puts it: “Qlear’s new hybrid monitoring approach combines the best of passive and active technology. With Qlear we significantly reduce the providers’ risk of offering enterprise VoIP services, by making quality clearly visible – by customer, site and call. Qlear is applicable to enterprises in different stages of their lifecycle, offering fast and flexible customer pre-qualification as well as SLA monitoring.”

Qlear covers:

  • LAN/WAN pre-qualification and VoIP readiness check
  • On boarding process with baselining and regression testing
  • 24×7 availability assurance and live traffic quality monitoring
  • Troubleshooting

Jan Bastian, Voipfuture’s CEO said: “We are very proud of Qlear with its unique capabilities for the VoIP service enterprise market. For the first time now service providers have a solution to pre-check customer environments to fit their service requirements and to guarantee high service quality for enterprise customers.” He added: “We want service providers to offer better and profitable VoIP services to their customers.”

Voipfuture is a vendor of premium monitoring solutions offering a highly detailed view on media and control plane communication to service providers and enterprises.  Voipfuture develops unique technology for assessing, aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing voice quality information.

Since day one, Voipfuture has been at the forefront of voice quality monitoring and continues to redefine Voice over IP by connecting the technical view on service quality with high resolution user experience.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Voipfuture is globally present with deployments in North and Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Ready to explore our unique approach to voice service monitoring and analytics?

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