Voipfuture on AWS

Qrystal for AWS Voice Service Monitoring

Voipfuture’s mission is to enable premium voice services.

Voipfuture Qrystal is the carrier-grade, vendor-agnostic monitoring solution for voice services in the AWS cloud. It analyses all call-related traffic in the cloud, automatically checks for impairments, isolates root causes and aggregates the data to create accurate statistics on relevant business entities.

This enables Communication Service Providers to maintain full control over customer experience while benefiting from the flexibility and elasticity of the AWS cloud. Together Voipfuture and AWS enable premium voice services with significantly reduced TCO.

Voipfuture Qrystal Cloud Solution Brief

Accurate Data

Get reliable and accurate data on all live calls with rich signaling information and high temporal detail on in-call user experience.

Operational Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs through assisted root cause analysis shortening the time-to-fix by up to 80%.

Control over Service Performance

Control service and network performance in the AWS cloud for routes, destinations, mobile cells, VIP groups and other relevant entities.

Control over Cost

Quickly adapt monitoring performance in AWS to changing traffic volumes enabling a true pay as you grow model.