Making Voice Visible

The road to an excellent user experience requires a detailed look on quality of traffic

Five seconds

Why the use of time slices produces better quality insights

Monitoring VoIP Quality

Knowing what’s wrong with quality is nice – knowing how to improve quality is better

From its very beginning, Voipfuture was dedicated to voice quality. Transition to all-IP in telco has led to an increased interest in speech quality, since there is no constant repeatable level of voice quality for active connections anymore. A steady quality during the whole call belongs to the past.

Because voice quality heavily depends on network traffic congestion, we decided to monitor full traffic (24×7): both directions, all streams, all packets — using 400 metrics per call and fixed 5-second time slices to assess quality of service. That allows aggregated overview information as well as a detailed look on quality of one call down to a single call direction.

Combined with data from the control plane, we today deliver an extraordinary rich picture on the quality of voice service. And we are able to link voice quality to network elements and events.

Voipfuture Whitepaper MWC 2017
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