voipfuture and aws showcase

Hamburg, Germany
June 29th 2021

About Voipfuture 

Voipfuture is a voice over IP service monitoring and analytics company, offering the only carrier-grade dual-visibility platform on the market.

Voipfuture and Amazon Web Services (AWS) enable Communication Service Providers to benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) for 5G voice services in the AWS cloud. Qrystal’s deep data on voice service performance and Amazon Lookout proved to make a perfect match. The demonstrator showed how quickly anomalies and their root causes can be found. This illustrates the potential of automated service management based on AI/ML models trained with accurate and reliable data.

Voipfuture Qrystal delivers accurate service performance and user experience data to all CSP stakeholders

  • Deep analysis of SIP and RTP traffic, with high temporal detail and automatic detection of call drops, silent calls and many other impairments, for effective and efficient operations,
  • Aggregate data on trunks, routes, eNBs, interconnections and other relevant entities enabling trending, alarming and benchmarking for performance optimization teams,
  • Unique key performance indicators, e.g. for in-call user experience, used by sales/marketing teams to attract and retain customers, e.g. through self-service portals

This data forms the foundation for service automation based on AI/ML.

Amazon Lookout for Metrics uses machine learning (ML) to automatically detect and diagnose anomalies (i.e. outliers from the norm) in business and operational data. Lookout makes it easy to diagnose detected anomalies related to the same event and sending an alert that includes a summary of the potential root cause. It also ranks anomalies in order of severity so that you can prioritize your attention to what matters the most to your business.

Having worked closely together with the AWS Telco Network Transformation team Dr. Michael Wallbaum, Director Product Marketing at Voipfuture says: “I’m really excited to see our data in action. For over a decade operations and performance management teams have successfully used Qrystal for their daily work, but using Qrystal’s data to train AI/ML models is taking it to a whole new level. We soon hope to see first examples of automated service management powered by Qrystal and AWS AI/ML services.”

Ready to explore our unique approach to voice service monitoring and analytics?

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