First to fuse Media Monitoring with End-to-End Call Analytics

Hamburg, Germany
July 10th 2019

About Voipfuture 

Voipfuture is a voice over IP service monitoring and analytics company, offering the only carrier-grade dual-visibility platform on the market.

  • New Qrystal 6.0: The only system worldwide that allows drill-down from the call level down to an individual RTP stream time slice

Today, Voipfuture announces the general availability of Qrystal 6.0 for August 2019. Qrystal is the market-leading quality assurance and analytics system for 4G/5G mobile as well as fixed network VoIP services.

The latest Qrystal release brings numerous enhancements and new capabilities that will simplify operations, optimization and management for VoIP service operators. Qrystal 6.0 is the first voice service analytics system on the market, to offer a unified end-to-end view on call signaling and media transport.

  • The unique Call Flow Diagram feature extends the well-known concept of sequence charts for signaling with rich information on media quality in one integrated view.

Qrystal 6.0 now is the only system worldwide that allows drill-down from the call level down to an individual RTP stream time slice.

The basis for this is a multi-level call correlation technology that joins all SIP and RTP measurements related to a call in one quality-enhanced call detail record (CDR). Voipfuture CDRs feature more than 300 columns with common signaling metrics as well as metrics related to RTP transport performance and user experience. Special VoLTE metrics provide insights into the EPC and radio network performance. New optional CDR-based Qrystal service quality reports give operators an end-to-end view on individual cells, routes, and enterprise customers.

Dr. Michael Wallbaum, Voipfuture Product Marketing Director, states: “Qrystal 6.0 delivers on our Dual Visibility strategy. Everyone in the market knows that excellent user experience requires flawless media transport on top of working call control – yet, Qrystal 6.0 is the only solution that provides accurate data on both control and user plane. The fusion of these two views is what we call Dual Visibility.”

The new release also transfers the successful concept of quality indicators from RTP Monitoring to SIP monitoring. Since its first release, Qrystal included technology that automatically detects known impairment patterns in RTP streams. Qrystal 6.0 now also detects known signaling-related issues such as VoLTE call drops, single-sided calls, transcoding, and late media. These indicators further reduce the time to repair and the level of expertise needed to perform root cause analysis.

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