Voipfuture selected by Vodafone Carrier Services to ensure top quality global voice traffic

Hamburg, Germany
March 5th 2019

About Voipfuture 

Voipfuture is a voice over IP service monitoring and analytics company, offering the only carrier-grade dual-visibility platform on the market.

Vodafone Carrier Services (VCS) has selected Voipfuture Qrystal to monitor the voice service quality of its unique end-to-end IP-based global voice platform, which reaches over 5 billion mobile end devices. The Qrystal solution provides advanced voice quality analytics, reporting and troubleshooting functionalities using signaling and media metrics.

Clive Goodwin, Head of International Voice Services at Vodafone, stated: “We designed our Intelligent Routing platform to deliver High Definition voice (HD voice) services across a large number of countries globally. Ensuring a high quality experience for consumers and carrier partners is paramount, and Voipfuture tools provide us with the rich data and insight to help deliver this for our customers.”

Voipfuture’s CEO Jan Bastian added, “The challenge is to analyse data from billions of minutes around the globe and to translate it into actionable information. The goal is to maintain a great VCS service – I am happy to see Qrystal playing such a vital role in this.”

Dr Michael Wallbaum, Voipfuture’s Product Marketing Director, said: “In today’s competitive IPX carrier market it is absolutely essential for service operations to stay ahead of the game. Qrystal provides all the right information for effective service management.”

Qrystal is a passive monitoring system that analyzes SIP and RTP traffic in real-time. Voipfuture’s patented technology uses fixed time slicing to deliver quality data for fixed five second units. Quality data is aggregated to different levels, providing accurate information to evaluate overall traffic quality as well as single calls. Service providers can switch focus from trunk quality to carrier quality to destination quality to quality over time with just a few clicks.

Voipfuture is a premium voice quality analytics vendor providing tools for assessing, aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing voice quality information. Voipfuture products offer a precise view on media and control plane to communication service providers, VoLTE carriers, wholesalers and enterprises.

Ready to explore our unique approach to voice service monitoring and analytics?

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