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Voipfuture wins award for most innovative VoLTE solution at IMS World Forum 2018

Voipfuture celebrates prize win at this year’s IMS World Forum in London

Hamburg, May 3nd, 2018. At the 2018 IMS World Forum, Voipfuture won the Most Innovative VoLTE Solution awards. The IMS World Forum is the only industry event dedicated to IMS and the award is a recognition of Voipfuture’s contribution to VoLTE service assurance.

Operators are investing billions each year into their LTE network infrastructure and VoLTE/VoWifi services. Obviously, the huge investments need to be protected and assured.

Voipfuture Qrystal analyses the control and media plane in full depth. On top of this Qrystal provides dedicated VoLTE/VoWifi support for unique insights into crucial service characteristics directly impacting the user experience.

Qrystal delivers

  • CDRs with LTE/Wifi cell information and quality per cell
  • Signaling and media quality statistics and reports per enodeB and location (the ability to report on MOS and other media plane metrics per cell is exclusive to Qrystal)
  • Qrystal offers a unique visual mapping of S11 bearer events to application level voice quality.

In addition, Qrystal detects the usage of different codec modes, e.g. of AMR-NB, AMR-WB and other multi-mode codecs, during a call. This allows to understand the actual user experience – a wideband codec may not yield high definition audio quality at all times.

Voipfuture’s CEO Jan Bastian said, “The IMS World Forum recognizes outstanding technological developments in our field. It’s a proud moment for Voipfuture to receive this award.”

Dr. Michael Wallbaum, Voipfuture’s Product Marketing Director, stated: “As operators begin to ramp up their VoLTE deployments, it is absolutely essential for them to control voice quality and obtain actionable data about the performance of the service. Qrystal provides all the right reports and data to effectively manage service.”

Qrystal is a passive monitoring system that analyzes SIP and RTP traffic in real-time. Voipfuture’s patented technology uses fixed time slicing to create atomic units of quality. These units are aggregated to different levels, providing accurate quality data to evaluate overall traffic quality as well as for a single call. Service providers can switch focus from trunk quality to carrier quality to destination quality to quality over time just by a click.

Voipfuture is a premium voice quality analytics vendor providing tools for assessing, aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing voice quality information.

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