Voipfuture Qrystal

Dual visibility: Richer insights. Better results.

Qrystal is a passive mid-point monitoring solution for Voice over IP in LTE, IMS and NGN networks.


It combines unique RTP analytics with state-of-the-art signaling monitoring capabilities.


The carrier-grade solution comprises the central QoS management system and distributed probes that enable end-to-end voice quality monitoring.

The Qrystal quality assurance solution gives communication service providers (CSPs) full control over their voice service quality with deep insights into the media and control plane traffic.


Qrystal connects powerful analytics and reporting capabilities with a highly scalable system architecture making it the essential tool for any voice service provider.

Together with the Voipfuture core network monitoring solution, customers will have an end-to-end view of the quality of their voice calls without the need for any additional probe hardware at the customer premises.


Assured SLA via full visibility of voice service quality for single calls, SIP trunks, IPX SLAs and entire networks.

Complete VoIP Analytics

Combine the view on call control traffic with the view on the traffic the user really experiences

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No doubt, keeping track of registrations, call setups and the like is essential to VoIP service monitoring. But signaling performance says nothing about the quality a user experiences, when she or he is making a call. Call control and media transport is handled separately—by different layers, different protocols and sometimes even different network elements.


Consequently, we must look at more than one protocol to really understand quality of a VoIP service. SIP for sure. And maybe RTCP, to get some basic data about the streams of a call. And of course RTP, to really understand what is going on, when media travels from A-party to B-party and back.


The by far biggest data volume related to a call is created by RTP packets—which carry the real voice. This makes looking at RTP the most challenging part of VoIP monitoring.

Yet conversely, RTP analytics offer the most valuable insights as well. Complete VoIP analytics therefore needs to combine the views on the control and media plane to unfold the maximum benefit for VoIP service operations.


Some example questions that call for a combined view:


  • Which impact do mobile handovers have on the Quality of Experience?
  • How many calls end prematurely due to bad voice quality?
  • How do interconnection partners perform in terms of user experience to different destinations?
  • How are long call setup delays related to complaints about audio quality?


This ability to relate media and control plane results—or network events and experienced quality—is what we call “Dual Visibility”.

Voipfuture Qrystal’s Dual Visibility brings the power and simplicity of a combined view on service quality to service providers, wholesalers, or large enterprises. It delivers the necessary granularity to effectively support troubleshooting. In addition, this granularity is the foundation for highly accurate statistics which allows a broad, but precise view on the overall quality of service.


To cut a long story short: Complete VoIP Analytics deepens your understanding by far more than any singular view on VoIP quality.


In the end, this means more control.


Over traffic.

Over network elements.

And over the real service quality your customers get.

Key Benefits


  • Trustworthy & accurate MOS for every live call based on 5-second time slices
  • Network protection from bad traffic originating in foreign networks
  • Rapid fault isolation via network segmentation
  • Automated root cause analysis for effective troubleshooting of RTP flow and waveform issues
  • Smart correlation of bearer events and VoIP impairments – understand the impact of LTE events on the user experience

Key Features


  • Continuous analysis of all SIP and RTP traffic
  • Dashboard with key network KPIs and drill-down to call and in-call quality information
  • Media plane and control plane KPIs including MOS, SER/ASR, SEER/NER, Session Duration Time (SDT)/ACD, Session Request Delay/PDD and ITU-Q.850 hangup causes
  • Powerful troubleshooting engine with search by indicators including:
  • Automated root cause analysis detects faulty
  • senders, policy violations and network issues
  • Configurable quality alarms for proactive operations
  • Packet recording: quality-triggered recording to capture only impaired calls

Concepts & Standards

Media Plane

RTP monitoring


  • Full traffic: Complete 24/7 analysis of all packets
  • All calls: RTP monitoring at full line rate
  • Both directions: RTP analysis for both directions of each call
  • Fixed Time Slices: Accurate RTP quality for every 5 seconds
  • Real-time classification of RTP streams: Grouping by probes, trunks and numbering plans
  • RTP / SIP Correlation

Control Plane

SIP monitoring


  • All signaling sessions: SIP monitoring at full line rate
  • Full set of signaling KPIs, incl. SER, SEER, call duration and delay KPIs
  • Selective and full recording of control plane
  • Multi-dimensional grouping (route monitoring by number plan)
  • SIP registration statistics by domain
  • RTP / SIP Correlation

The Holistic View

Linking all context data of a single call over all call legs

Qrystal‘s intelligence now is available in a unique CDR based monitoring: It delivers a holistic view on the call and an understanding of the quality per call (MOS value per call).


Qrystal collects call data from control and media plane and creates a unique Call Data Record enriched by Qrystal’s intelligence. This provides a multi-probe view on calls across the net.

The new solution element examines control and media plane data from all probes


  • It identifies all streams and xDRs belonging to the same call
  • It correlates all call details and quality metrics for signaling and media of all network segments into a single quality enriched CDR per single call
  • Even when traffic is encrypted Qrystal Connect identifies quality data belonging to the call
  • It determines the most relevant or worst value for each call


The result: a detailed understanding of a call and its quality over all call legs – even if traffic on some legs is encrypted.


The problem with LTE networks is that you can be certain there is lots of disorder on the radio access side. Cell pumping, rush hour, mega events – just to mention the most obvious.


Voice and the data related to a video call need steadiness. Only when this happens will the service be experienced as excellent.


The implication for any VoLTE assessment: First class quality requires first class monitoring. One which delivers all the necessary details of the media plane and the control plane, to correlate dedicated bearer events and quality

More information

  • Qrystal Product Presentation
  • Live Demo
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Voipfuture Whitepaper MWC 2017
Will VoLTE really benefit from EVS?
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Voipfuture Whitepaper KPI system
Why Next-Generation Voice Services Need Next-Generation KPIs
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Qrystal 6.0 Feature Highlights
Get to know the latest features of Voipfuture Qrystal:
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– Call Search
– Call-Related Data
– Call Flow Diagram
  • New Automatic Indicators
  • New Dashboard Portlets
  • New Interface for Qrystal Intelligence
  • Enhanced Management Features
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