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Voipfuture introduces new KPI system for VoIP media quality

New white paper: “Why Next-Generation Voice Services Need Next-Generation KPIs”

Hamburg, July 26, 2017. Whereas there are well defined KPIs to assess a network’s SIP signaling performance there is no comparable means to determine media quality. Therefore Voipfuture announces a new KPI system which offers different perspectives on the media quality of a VoIP service.

  • Service Perspective: How do your customers judge your service?
  • Network Perspective: How is the network’s transport quality and how does it influence the user experience?
  • Session Perspective: Do issues stem from persistent issues or isolated incidents?
  • Volume Perspective: How is the overall quality in terms of call minutes?
  • Midpoint Perspective: How is traffic quality in a specific network segment?
  • End-to-End Perspective: How is the overall quality per call?

The KPI system presented in Voipfuture’s new white paper, therefore serves as a vital management tool for telecommunications service providers. It not only explains different quality perspectives but provides KPIs to translate information into action.

Voipfuture technology uses fixed time slicing to create atomic units of media quality. These units are aggregated to different levels, providing data for different use cases. For example, call quality data is essential for customer experience management, but less helpful for root cause analysis. Time slice and session data on the other hand give valuable insights into the overall network and service quality and provide a better high-level overview.

Voipfuture’s KPI hexagon summarizes the most common perspectives on quality of VoIP services:

The Voipfuture media KPI system provides exactly these views on the media plane thereby complementing standard control plane KPIs

  • GMR – Good Minute Ratio
  • GSR – Good Stream Ratio
  • GCR – Good Call Ratio
  • CMR – Critical Minute Ratio
  • CSR – Critical Stream Ratio
  • CCR – Critical Call Ratio

Voipfuture is a premium voice quality analytics vendor providing tools for assessing, aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing voice quality information. Voipfuture products offer a precise view on media and control plane to communication service providers, wholesalers and enterprises.

This whitepaper is the second in a series of papers which aims stimulate discussion on how to measure and improve VoIP quality of experience.


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