The Voipfuture Qlear Solution

The enterprise telecommunications segment is an attractive market.


And a demanding one.


Fulfilling the technical demand may easily become a costly trap.

The issue is that all networks must be perfect to get a perfect service:


  • The core
  • Maybe, an access network in between
  • The enterprise customers‘ LAN


And one thing is for sure: Whether you can see beyond your network or not – you will get blamed for service quality.

In order to provide an understanding of the complex enterprise environment we built the new Qlear solution


  • Enterprise compliance with service provider requirements and standards
  • Customer service status
  • Specific information about enterprise customer issues


More about Voipfuture’s unique technology >

Key Benefits


  • Closes the visibility gap behind customer access networks
  • Assurance of service availability, quality and performance
  • Reliable analysis of “ready for service” conditions
  • Combination of live call analysis and reference calls
  • Analysis of enterprise LAN performance and WAN access
  • Utilizes Voipfuture’s unique monitoring in core and access network
  • Smart triggering of active test calls

Key Use Cases


  • Customer pre-qualification / VoIP Readiness Checks

→Determine whether a customer is ready for VoIP – or not

  • Customized test suite to match service offering

→Specific test to qualify that service has been set up properly and establish a reference for future quality

  • In-service testing

→Check specific customer issues with low effort

  • Troubleshooting

→Get view from customer LAN to support incident management, soft probe app executable next to trouble devices

Qlear Tools

One integrated solution to automate and perform pre-qualification, onboarding, service assurance and quality monitoring of enterprise customers

Qlear App

Software-based remote quality check for enterprise customers

A cost-efficient way to check, if the network of a potential customer is fit for your VoIP service


  • Active testing of enterprise networks without installing any hardware on site
  • Incredibly fast turn-around – in best case 5 minutes from request to result

Qlear Probe

Hybrid monitoring using active & passive methods

A cost-effective way to assure end-to-end service quality of high-value enterprise customers


  • Combines active testing and passive monitoring
  • Utilizes Voipfuture’s unique passive monitoring technology
  • Provides end-to-end view on service quality
  • Gives insight into customer LAN and access network performance

Qlear Portal | Customer site view



  • Activity Overview
  • KPI Overview
  • Link Speed
  • Call History
  • Origination & Destination
  • Service Status
  • KPI Line Chart
  • Media Quality over Time

More information

  • Qrystal Product Presentation
  • Live Demo
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