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Why VoIP service monitoring with Qrystal?

  • Qrystal is far more than your ordinary signaling monitoring tool. It analyses all SIP and RTP packets and tells you everything you need to know about the in-call user experience. This is what we call dual visibility.
  • Qrystal means efficient operations. Voipfuture’s patented technology automatically identifies typical impairment patterns and significantly reduces the time to fix – sometimes from months to hours.
  • What is the user experience of an enterprise customer, a VoLTE cell or a route to an international destination? Qrystal is the only solution to provide actionable timeslice KPIs for assessing the in-call user experience. Timeslice KPIs are like the average MOS – only better.

Qrystal Key Facts



Voipfuture’s Qrystal quality assurance solution gives communication service providers (CSPs) full control over their voice service quality

Qrystal is a passive mid-point monitoring solution for real-time communication services

  • Consisting of distributed Qrystal Probes and the central Qrystal Manager
  • Non-intrusive test access ports (TAPs) connect the probes to the network

Qrystal Probes

  • Determine the signaling and media stream characteristics at multiple points in the network
  • Analyze all SIP, RTP, and RTCP packets on a link in real-time
  • Generate unique metrics for further processing by the Qrystal Manager
  • Call-related SIP signaling at a monitoring point is analyzed and summarized as xDRs
    • SIP messages are stored on the probe for display in call flow diagrams
  • Voipfuture’s patented fixed time slicing technology creates quality data records (QDR)
    • Containing highly condensed statistical information for every 5-second segment of an RTP stream
    • QDRs hold several hundred values, ratios, KPIs, and even automatic root cause indicators.
  • Qrystal Probes also feature smart packet recording to create traces of individual calls or trunks.

Qrystal Manager

  • A carrier-grade data warehouse
  • Collects all metric data from the Qrystal Probes for post-processing and aggregation
    • KPIs, quality-enriched CDRs, and other data are stored in the data warehouse.
  • Offers a multitude of analytics and troubleshooting capabilities that enable
    • Effective voice service monitoring
    • Fault alarming
    • Numerous interfaces for integration with OSS/BSS applications
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Qrystal Intelligence



Qrystal Intelligence is a business intelligence solution that provides fascinating insights into your voice service and network.

Qrystal’s unique monitoring statistics are processed in the context of your business rules and processes. The results are interactively analyzed and visualized for target audiences like management or operations.

For example, Qrystal Intelligence is used to create performance maps showing the signaling and media quality of VoLTE eNBs. This information can be filtered and sliced by region, UE and NE vendors and many other dimensions. In addition, Qrystal Intelligence generates intelligent alarms to detect anomalies in network & service performance based on all VoIP data flowing through your network.

A Qrystal Intelligence project is based on Voipfuture’s intelligence tool chain and the necessary professional services to involve key stakeholders for best fitting integration into the business processes. The tool chain includes data feeds, the analytics post processing server and report design.

Qrystal intelligence reports can be embedded into Qrystal 7+ or provided via a dedicated Qrystal Intelligence portal.




Qrystal is a passive VoIP analytics solution for SIP/RTP based voice services, Qrystal Probes sit on the edges of the network and integrate voice quality assurance and root cause analysis.

  • Qrystal Probes analyze all voice packets on a link in real-time
  • The central Qrystal Manager collects quality information for post-processing, correlation, storage and display
  • The data warehouse holds data from billions of calls
  • Smart use of standard COTS hardware or virtual infrastructure

In fixed networks the probes are mostly placed around SBCs, routers and media gateways, while VoLTE deployments typically call for monitoring of the S1-U/S11 and/or Mw/Mb interfaces. One probe appliance is typically sufficient to monitor an entire site.




Yet Another Monitoring Product? Yes, Qrystal also provides call flow diagrams, packet loss and MOS, just like your current solution. But Qrystal is different.

With your current solution, have you ever wondered

  • Why your customers complain about voice quality, even though your MOS is fine?
  • What’s the user impact, when your solution reports a 0.1% packet loss?
  • What’s causing all the jitter?
  • Why call parties did not hear each other? Why did a call drop?
  • How many call minutes received from your interconnection partner have good quality?


If so, then Qrystal is for you.

Voipfuture Qrystal is the first integrated solution for RTP & SIP monitoring, analysing 100% of all VoIP traffic flowing through your network.

We pioneered RTP and user experience monitoring, were the first to create fixed time slicing technology, automatic root cause analysis with patented pattern matching technology and multi-level correlation of control and media plane measurements.

Qrystal provides insights far beyond plain protocol decoding.

Use Cases


Monitoring Domains and Use Cases

Voipfuture solutions apply to many different types of networks and application domains, based on standard VoIP protocols like SIP, SDP and RTP. In particular, the solutions are designed for voice services using LTE, Wifi, IMS, NGN, IPX/wholesale, and enterprise networks. In each of these domains, probes are typically placed at the network borders, e.g. around SBCs and gateways. This allows to passively monitor all standard IP voice traffic entering or leaving a specific network segment.

This approach supports a number of different use cases in each of the application domains:

  • Service Quality and Network Performance Monitoring
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Alarming
  • Reporting
  • Customer Care
  • Data feeds, e.g. to Customer Self-Service Portals

The comprehensive monitoring support for all kinds of VoIP services delivers essential insights to different user groups within your organization, e.g. network/service operations, performance optimization, marketing and management teams.

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Who uses Qrystal


Who uses Qrystal for what?

Qrystal is used by

  • Technical operation teams for
    • reporting
    • alarming
    • troubleshooting
  • Performance optimization teams for
    • Overall quality monitoring
    • Service and network optimization
    • Benchmarking
  • Special task forces
    • Preparing and monitoring performance of drive tests and independent network tests
  • Commercial & sales/marketing teams for
    • Feeding Qrystal data to customer portals and self-service systems
    • SLA supervision
    • Real-time decision support for quality trading strategies

Voipfuture Product Suite


Voipfuture Product Suite

As the leader in VoIP service analytics for the past 10+ years we have an in-depth understanding of the challenges inherent with deploying and maintaining carrier grade VoIP networks and services. Our market leading VoIP monitoring portfolio includes –

  • Qrystal – Passive VoIP Core Monitoring
    A unique passive mid-point monitoring solution providing CSPs full control over their voice service quality. Qrystal has a special focus on user experience reportable by call, trunk, route, destination, cell, eNB, vendor, etc.
  • Intelligence – Voice Data Analytics
    Qrystal Intelligence is voice data analytics that visualizes unique Qrystal data and joins Qrystal information with your data, i.e. geo-location or eNB vendors. This combination provides unique insights into BIG data created by Qrystal.
  • Qlear – Enterprise Monitoring and Testing
    Qlear is the only solution that monitors live enterprise voice calls and generates test calls at the same time. Qlear enables customer prequalification and ongoing monitoring of SLA parameters all while measuring behind the customer’s firewall.



Rohde & Schwarz and Voipfuture launch AVQA to address new requirements in the ATM market with R&S AVQA, a ground-breaking monitoring solution for voice communications in air traffic management (ATM).

R&S AVQA stands for ATC Voice Quality Assurance and provides air traffic service providers (ANSP) with unique passive monitoring capabilities for ATM communications that covers signaling as well as media and radio transmission performance. Rohde & Schwarz teamed up with Voipfuture to create a unique solution for this important market.

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