Signaling KPIs

IETF’s RFC 6076 defines common key performance indicators (KPI) to assess a network’s SIP signaling performance, i.e. its general ability to set up and tear down calls, the ability of users’ to register, the corresponding delays, call durations, etc. Many of these KPIs adapt well-known telco metrics to the SIP-based world of voice over IP (VoIP). For example, the Session Establishment Effectiveness Ratio (SEER) is a SIP-version of the old Network Efficiency Ratio (NER) defined by the ITU.

Qrystal supports all RFC 6076 KPIs as they define the de-facto standard for VoIP signaling performance measurement. On top, Qrystal provides signaling metrics and KPIs based on unique SIP signaling indicators as well as LTE S11 metrics.