Rich Call Detail Records

Call detail records (CDR) should document all relevant call details, yet typically they only contain data related to signaling and maybe simple non-verifiable information on the user experience. Qrystal’s multi-stage correlation engine produces Rich CDRs, providing full end-to-end call visibility including comprehensive and reliable data on in-call user experience. Qrystal not only delivers the call quality status but also highlights which stream/xDR at which point in the network is causing any issues.

The correlation engine recognizes all RTP stream and call leg measurement belonging to the same call and merges them into a single Rich CDR. A Rich CDR is not a usual call data record, but an all-in-one representation of the recorded data containing around 300 fields in total. This data covers signaling performance, in-call user experience and transport performance, troubleshooting and dedicated VoLTE/VoWifi information.