Detect and address issues before they impact business

Endless meetings wasting everyone’s time, project teams engaged in finger pointing rather than solution-oriented analysis – one of the main goals of monitoring intelligence is to provide actionable data on the quality of service. It has to deliver deep insight into operations so one can make the right decision at the right time.



Vpf_Vertical-Solution service benefitsVoipfuture’s vertical solution is built on the foundation of an exhaustive set of extended quality data reports and signaling data – aggregated in real time and meaningfully correlated.


The customizable dashboard represents the KPI level. Every member of staff can define his or her focus individually. The Qrystal dashboard gives consolidated and updated information about the network performance and customer experience. The only purpose: Provide the big picture.


If it reveals issues, one can mine the data warehouse in search of the root cause. And here the high-resolution input plays out its strength. In-depth analysis requires depth of data. The deeper the better. The higher the chance to make the root cause visible and find a solution.

Report Sample

How reporting can support customers?

The following report sample reflects the Voipfuture’s vertical approach. The media quality grid sums up the quality information. In addition, it shows some examples of in-depth analysis leading to root cause visibility.


This kind of analysis makes use of huge amounts of data. Voipfuture’s ability to produce superior root cause visibility relies on unique metric data – the outcome of the analysis of all RTP, RTCP and SIP packets on a link in real-time. Voipfuture’s patented fixed time slice technology creates quality data records (QDR), containing highly condensed statistical information for every 5 second segment of an RTP stream. QDRs contain over 400 values, ratios, KPIs and automatic root cause indicators – they complement xDRs which summarize a call’s signaling characteristics.


Voipfuture Qrystal’s high resolution keeps time to action short.

Voipfuture‘s next-generation KPI system

Serving next-generation voice

GMR Good Minute Ratio CMR Critical Minute Ratio
GSR Good Stream Ratio CSR Critical Stream Ratio
GCR Good Call Ratio CCR Critical Call Ratio

Voipfuture developed a set of six KPIs for next-generation voice services.



Voipfuture’s atomic quality units allow to analyze and understand media plane quality. These units are aggregated to different levels and provide different perspectives – each with their own focus:



  • Service Perspective: Focused view on the media quality of the service in terms of the customer experience
  • Network Perspective: Focus on the technical quality of service or network transport performance
  • Session Perspective: Focus on quality for entire streams indicating distribution of quality across call sessions
  • Volume Perspective: Focus on quality per minute (relying on time slices) indicating overall quality of the observed traffic
  • Mid-point Perspective: Focused view on the quality at specific points in the network, e.g. at network boundaries
  • End-to-end Perspective: Focused view on the quality on a call-level, i.e. as perceived by the endpoints of communication

Why Next-Generation Voice Services Need Next-Generation KPIs – PDF Download

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