Voipfuture’s Qrystal quality assurance solution gives communication service providers (CSPs) full control over their voice service quality

Qrystal is a passive mid-point monitoring solution for real-time communication services

  • Consisting of distributed Qrystal Probes and the central Qrystal Manager
  • Non-intrusive test access ports (TAPs) connect the probes to the network

Qrystal Probes

  • Determine the signaling and media stream characteristics at multiple points in the network
  • Analyze all SIP, RTP, and RTCP packets on a link in real-time
  • Generate unique metrics for further processing by the Qrystal Manager
  • Call-related SIP signaling at a monitoring point is analyzed and summarized as xDRs
    • SIP messages are stored on the probe for display in call flow diagrams
  • Voipfuture’s patented fixed time slicing technology creates quality data records (QDR)
    • Containing highly condensed statistical information for every 5-second segment of an RTP stream
    • QDRs hold several hundred values, ratios, KPIs, and even automatic root cause indicators.
  • Qrystal Probes also feature smart packet recording to create traces of individual calls or trunks.

Qrystal Manager

  • A carrier-grade data warehouse
  • Collects all metric data from the Qrystal Probes for post-processing and aggregation
    • KPIs, quality-enriched CDRs, and other data are stored in the data warehouse.
  • Offers a multitude of analytics and troubleshooting capabilities that enable
    • Effective voice service monitoring
    • Fault alarming
    • Numerous interfaces for integration with OSS/BSS applications
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