Qlear – Key Facts

Qlear is an add-on solution for service providers offering Enterprise VoIP services. It deals with the challenges of customer onboarding and expectation management by performing active tests prior to service deployment and provides simple yet comprehensive reports. Customers can see and fix any issues prior to installation assuring hassle-free onboarding. In-service performance and customer SLAs can be managed using hybrid active/passive monitoring technology.

Qlear includes two tools for monitoring and testing behind the customer firewall:

  • Qlear App – Customer prequalification App that includes end to end active testing and a customer friendly report. The App is downloaded directly from the CSP’s website; it performs a predetermined set of tests and delivers results within minutes. The App greatly reduces the need for on-site work of engineers and provides for super-fast turn-around times.


  • Qlear Probe – The easily deployable CPE provides continuous analysis of live calls and active test calls for proactive customer satisfaction monitoring and SLA assurance. In case of an incident the Qlear Probes allows to quickly pinpointing the network segment causing issues. This avoids the blame game between the you, the customer and any involved third and drastically reduces the time to fix.
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