We created Voipfuture Qlear to ensure that Communication Service Providers can actually profit from their enterprise VoIP service offerings. Qlear covers the entire customer lifecycle and applies to

  • Pre-qualification
  • Onboarding
  • Incident management
  • 24/7 service performance monitoring of enterprise customers

All in one solution.

Voipfuture Qlear features two tools:

  • The Qlear App is purely a remote software-based tool that enables LAN tests, WAN tests, and VoIP service tests for pre-qualification and when probes cannot be installed on site. Results are available in minutes.
  • The Qlear Probe integrates Voipfuture’s passive monitoring technology with active testing features on a small server hardware. This hybrid approach provides information on live call quality, service availability, WAN performance and so on. Qlear Probes are operated fully remotely and monitor customer traffic 24/7.

Why Qlear

  • Eliminate the costly need for sending service engineers to customer sites
  • Close the visibility gap behind customer access networks
  • Quickly identify problem sources and avoid the blame game with customers
  • Reliably analyse “ready for service” conditions
  • Tightly integrates with Qrystal and provides a full end-to-end view