Yet Another Monitoring Product? Yes, Qrystal also provides call flow diagrams, packet loss and MOS, just like your current solution. But Qrystal is different.

With your current solution, have you ever wondered

  • Why your customers complain about voice quality, even though your MOS is fine?
  • What’s the user impact, when your solution reports a 0.1% packet loss?
  • What’s causing all the jitter?
  • Why call parties did not hear each other? Why did a call drop?
  • How many call minutes received from your interconnection partner have good quality?


If so, then Qrystal is for you.

Voipfuture Qrystal is the first integrated solution for RTP & SIP monitoring, analysing 100% of all VoIP traffic flowing through your network.

We pioneered RTP and user experience monitoring, were the first to create fixed time slicing technology, automatic root cause analysis with patented pattern matching technology and multi-level correlation of control and media plane measurements.

Qrystal provides insights far beyond plain protocol decoding.