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NFV / Virtualization

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has a substantial impact on the design, deployment and management of communication networks. NFV architectures have the potential to reduce the costs of network operations while providing greater overall flexibility. Virtual SBCs, switches and other telecommunications functions are therefore becoming increasingly common.

The complexity of NFV environments with virtualized server and network infrastructures, newly distributed software functions and complex management systems are potential sources of issues requiring monitoring and troubleshooting. With all the benefits of NFV, your VoIP NFV system should not become a black box.

For many years Voipfuture customers deploy Qrystal in virtual environments. The Qrystal Manager and its different components can be easily deployed in an NFV environment. This is specifically done by tier-1 CSPs which require scalability and flexibility in deployment. Qrystal Probes can also be virtualized, depending on the monitoring scope and volume. Full line rate monitoring of Gigabit links requires dedicated probe appliances to analyze the many million RTP packets per second.