New study: EVS good enough for VoLTE?

A new study on the link between call quality and call duration. Voipfuture has performed an extensive analysis of the dependency of duration and quality of live calls. The results will be published in a whitepaper to be released at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The analysis reveals a clear dependency between codec and average […]

Tier-1 deployment in Germany of new Qlear solution

QLEAR PROVIDES ONE INTEGRATED SOLUTION TO AUTOMATE AND PERFORM PRE-QUALIFICATION, ONBOARDING, SERVICE ASSURANCE AND QUALITY MONITORING OF ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS In order to support telecommunications service providers to exploit growth opportunities in the VoIP enterprise market Voipfuture developed the new Qlear solution. Enterprise voice services open an attractive market, yet the complex environment can lead to […]

Voipfuture Received the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award

Voipfuture Received the Frost & Sullivan “Global Voice Quality Monitoring Customer Value Leadership” Award.  Voipfuture has been awarded by Frost & Sullivan for its voice quality monitoring solution, which stands out in the market by virtue of its innovative attributes and functional capabilities. “Capitalizing on its ability to monitor and analyze media quality over IP […]