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Monetizing MOS

Voice service monitoring is often tactical in nature. Tools produce data that is used by operations to work on customer tickets and to generally ensure that the network and service performs as designed. Any Return of Invest (ROI) mainly comes from savings due to higher operational efficiency.

But why not use the existing data in other areas to increase revenue and reduce cost? Qrystal and Qrystal Intelligence are successfully used by operations and performance optimization teams. On top, information provided by Qrystal is also used by CSPs to increase brand value and revenue by providing customers with access to their own service quality data.

Here’s why transparency pays off:

  • Differentiation (few CSPs are confident about their data)
  • Potential to sell data as a service
  • Fewer tickets (if data proves that problems originate in customer network)
  • Potential for selling troubleshooting services to customers
  • Customers love it

Of course, transparency can only work, if you can be confident that your data matches the user experience. The MOS and other media and signaling KPIs provided by Qrystal pass this test with ease.

Mean Opinion Score (MOS) - Calculation & Aggregation