August 17, 2021

Migrating VoLTE subscribers to a new vIMS

Call drops fuel VoLTE subscriber anger. Migrating your customers to a new virtual IMS demonstrates the need for accurate data.

An MNO is migrating VoLTE subscribers to a new virtual IMS in a private cloud. In the process, the number of subscribers complaining about dropped calls rose significantly. Among them VIPs with direct access to management. The problem is escalated.

The new IMS vendor claims a very low amount of dropped calls (0.1%) which is not reflecting the amount of opened tickets and even lower than the dropped call ratio (DCR) of the old IMS platform.

Voipfuture data shows: the actual DCR is around 0.4 percent and in-line with subscriber complaints. Now the new IMS vendors is tasked with resolving the issue.

Follow the link below for more findings from troubleshooting this network

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