Media KPIs

Voipfuture developed a set of six media KPIs for next-generation voice services.

Voipfuture’s atomic quality units allow to analyze and understand media plane quality. These units are aggregated to different levels and provide different perspectives – each with their own focus:

  • Service Perspective: Focused view on the media quality of the service in terms of the customer experience
  • Network Perspective: Focus on the technical quality of service or network transport performance
  • Session Perspective: Focus on quality for entire streams indicating distribution of quality across call sessions
  • Volume Perspective: Focus on quality per minute (relying on time slices) indicating overall quality of the observed traffic
  • Mid-point Perspective: Focused view on the quality at specific points in the network, e.g. at network boundaries
  • Call Perspective: Focused view on the end-to-end-quality as perceived by the calling parties