IPX / Wholesale

IPX and international wholesale services, have been undergoing deep changes in recent years.

  • The industry players are no more limited to domestic Telcos and international Carriers
  • Price per minute has hit rock bottom, total minute volume is declining
  • OTT services established as a no-cost alternative

In consequence, the business targets shifted:

  • Focus on high-quality user experience as main differentiator
  • Attract additional flows of traffic (e.g. from OTT Providers)
  • Select better downstream operators
  • Allow an improved SLA management and reduce customers’ complaints

Qrystal offers IPX/Wholesale Carriers

  • an integrated real-time call monitoring function for user plane (media) and control plane (signaling)
  • non-intrusive time slicing technology, providing a wide range of information (codec, IP routing information, packet loss, jitter, etc.)
  • unique insights into the internal network performance and the performance of the interconnection partner