Qrystal Intelligence is a business intelligence solution that provides fascinating insights into your voice service and network.

Qrystal’s unique monitoring statistics are processed in the context of your business rules and processes. The results are interactively analyzed and visualized for target audiences like management or operations.

For example, Qrystal Intelligence is used to create performance maps showing the signaling and media quality of VoLTE eNBs. This information can be filtered and sliced by region, UE and NE vendors and many other dimensions. In addition, Qrystal Intelligence generates intelligent alarms to detect anomalies in network & service performance based on all VoIP data flowing through your network.

A Qrystal Intelligence project is based on Voipfuture’s intelligence tool chain and the necessary professional services to involve key stakeholders for best fitting integration into the business processes. The tool chain includes data feeds, the analytics post processing server and report design.

Qrystal intelligence reports can be embedded into Qrystal 7+ or provided via a dedicated Qrystal Intelligence portal.