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IMS Fixed

Customers appreciate the value-added services of NGN and IMS networks, yet their baseline expectation regarding call quality is predetermined by the traditional PSTN. In other words, CSPs can only gain a competitive edge, if they maintain excellent voice quality.

However, there are many potential reasons for service degradations. Impairments can originate in a CSP’s own network as well as in the networks of customers and interconnection partners. Isolating a problem source – particularly if it is not in your own network – can be a challenging task.

Qrystal is essential for keeping voice service quality under control. It enables CSPs to:

  • Monitor and document the speech quality of all actual VoIP calls
  • Optimize their networks
  • Offer service level agreements (SLA) for voice quality
  • Quickly identify the root causes of problems
  • Pinpoint responsibilities in shared infrastructure and interconnection scenarios

These capabilities are critical for guaranteeing a premium voice service whilst ensuring an efficient use of resources.