QUIT Indicator

How to detect calls with quality-induced termination

How come your KPIs are all good, but customers still dare to complain about call quality? Maybe it’s because you’re too focused on signaling performance. Maybe you need to look in a different direction. And maybe just maybe your tool is not accurate when it comes to user experience.

What if a call is set up correctly, but the in-call user experience degrades over time? Your signaling would still be good, but the user would tell a completely different story. What’s more: even your average MOS will still be good, giving you a false sense of security.

Qrystal’s QUIT indicator detects calls with quality-induced termination. The last seconds of such QUIT calls have a significantly worse user experience than the call average and it is likely, that the call was ended because the call parties were not able to hear each other. The ratio of QUIT calls (QUITR) in tier-1 fixed networks is typically around 0.5% – for VoLTE services the QUITR is often a lot higher. By the way – do you know your QUITR?

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