Good Minute Ratio

Voipfuture developed a set of media KPIs for next-generation voice services.

Based on Voipfuture’s unique 5 sec timeslicing technology network performance data can be sliced and diced according to your needs.

As an example, here’s how to the Good Minute Ratio (GMR) is calculated:

  • A ‘good minute’ is a set of time slices representing one minute, where all time slices have a MOS above 4.0.
  • Good Minute Ratio (GMR)
    GMR = # good minutes / total number of minutes
  • GMR calculation in this example: GMR = 97/100 = 97%

The GMR can be calculated for any group of media streams, e.g. one direction of a call, all calls in the past 15 min to Bangladesh or for the incoming RTP from an interconnection partner in the past year.

It’s actually quite ingenious – all you have to do is count the number of Smart Atoms with a specific characteristic and you can get a real picture of the service quality you are providing your customers.