Even in times of Unified Communications the phone service is still the most important means of communication. Bad voice quality generally affects productivity when talking to coworkers, customers, and business partners. It is inacceptable for call centers where the primary business objective is talking to customers.

Voice quality issues encountered by enterprises and public agencies often have the following root causes:

  • Hidden issues within the CSP’s network
  • Insufficiently sized inter-site and access network links
  • Legacy networks in old sites, small branch offices and factories
  • Variety of problematic end-devices including fax machines, Wi-Fi phones, and softphones


The complexity of identifying responsibilities and root causes is further increased in the presence of managed services where one IP infrastructure is used to deliver services by different providers.

Qrystal enables enterprises and public agencies to:

  • Provide detailed documentation for the voice quality of each individual call
  • Alarm in case of problems
  • Quickly identify the root causes of problems
  • Pinpoint responsibilities in shared infrastructure and interconnection scenarios

These capabilities are critical to the successful management and operation of any enterprise VoIP service. In addition, unique Qrystal KPIs allow enterprises to verify and document the user experience and service performance, thus putting them on a par with their CSPs.