Dual Visibility

No doubt, keeping track of registrations, call setups and the like is essential to VoIP service monitoring. But signaling performance says nothing about the in-call user experience. Call control and media transport is handled separately—by different layers, different protocols and sometimes even different network elements.

Consequently, VoIP monitoring must not stop at signaling protocols like SIP, but also consider media transport over RTP – only then you really understand your users’ view on your service quality. RTP Monitoring is very challenging, if just for the sheer number of packets that need to be analyzed. Yet, RTP Monitoring does offer the most valuable insights.

Complete VoIP analytics therefore needs to combine the views on the control and media plane to unfold the maximum benefit for VoIP service operations – this is what we call “Dual Visibility”.

Voipfuture has mastered both SIP and RTP Monitoring and our flagship product Qrystal is the only solution on the market to offer carrier-grade Dual Visibility.