Monitoring Domains and Use Cases

Voipfuture solutions apply to many different types of networks and application domains, based on standard VoIP protocols like SIP, SDP and RTP. In particular, the solutions are designed for voice services using LTE, Wifi, IMS, NGN, IPX/wholesale, and enterprise networks. In each of these domains, probes are typically placed at the network borders, e.g. around SBCs and gateways. This allows to passively monitor all standard IP voice traffic entering or leaving a specific network segment.

This approach supports a number of different use cases in each of the application domains:

  • Service Quality and Network Performance Monitoring
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Alarming
  • Reporting
  • Customer Care
  • Data feeds, e.g. to Customer Self-Service Portals

The comprehensive monitoring support for all kinds of VoIP services delivers essential insights to different user groups within your organization, e.g. network/service operations, performance optimization, marketing and management teams.

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