What is dual visibility, and why your voice-service monitoring is useless without it

A man speaking on the phone looking out the window

VoIP monitoring needs dual visibility to truly understand the quality of a voice call. We’re not talking about seeing double; we’re talking about looking at both control and media planes. VoIP analytics usually overemphasize SIP signaling and call connectivity – the control plane. It focuses on metrics that characterize whether the call was established and […]

How can you take VoIP monitoring to the next level?

The use of VoIP services has exploded over recent years. The rise of remote work and the expansion of the 5G network mean that the industry will only keep growing. In 2021, the global VoIP market was valued at $85.2 billion (USD), with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8%; the industry is […]