All IP Voice

For some time now, VoIP is the dominating technology for voice services – superior HD audio coming along with Voice over LTE, Voice over Wifi or bundled high speed voice/data access service have become standard.

Still All-IP calls from end-to-end are not yet common, thus breaking the potential of premium VoIP services and excellent user experience. A call initiated with superior characteristics may reach the other party with distortions and subpar quality. Transcoding, media gateways and general service incompatibilities essentially kill the benefits of VoIP.

What is standard for any over the top voice service – like Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp – is not given for voice services in telecommunications.

Only end-to-end All-IP can assure high service quality for your customers’ calls. Otherwise huge investments into the network can’t unfold their potential.

Detecting violation of the All-IP principle is therefore a must for any monitoring solution.