Transmitting voice packets with real-time requirements over a radio interface is a challenging task. Moving users, handovers, codec changes, varying radio conditions – just to mention the most obvious issues. LTE makes no difference.

But particularly speech transmission needs steadiness from beginning to end to deliver an excellent user experience. This is why a simple average quality summary per call does not help when assessing call quality.

VoLTE monitoring must not only deliver information on the control plane and S11 signaling, but also fixed-duration summaries of the speech quality.

Qrystal generates smart atoms (5-second summaries) for every RTP stream. In this way, the data can be used to determine for example

  • The quality of single calls or call directions
  • The quality of cells, eNBs, eNB clusters, or regions
  • The quantification of detected patterns
  • The impact of codec mode and bitrate change on call quality

Use cases of Voipfuture VoLTE monitoring

    1. Pre-deployment assessment
    2. RAN/EPC health check
    3. VoLTE troubleshooting
    4. Cell planning and optimization
    5. Analysis of bearer management
    6. Customer Care