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Founded: 2007
Located: Hamburg, Germany
Mission: Premium voice
and media quality
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Voipfuture develops technology for monitoring and analyzing media quality in IP networks – to control and evaluate network performance and the quality of Voice over IP services.


Our monitoring solution covers all standard VoIP services including NGN, IMS and LTE networks.


Its integration into existing IT infrastructures is eased through the use of off-the-shelf server hardware from major vendors.


Our unique software technology is exceptionally scalable. It makes the products applicable to a wide range of network environments from enterprise branch sites to major interconnection points and complete carrier networks.


Flexible deployment options provide for various applications:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Network performance optimization
  • Customer care applications
  • Interconnection peering
  • Customer SLA monitoring


Our product’s open interfaces allow tight integration with existing network management solutions and customer experience management systems.


In 2007, Voipfuture brought the 1st RTP monitoring product to market. The innovative approach: 5 second quality summaries providing 400 metrics per call for full live traffic. This means 100 % coverage of all streams, including the 2 directions (upstream and downstream). And all this with carrier-grade five9 availability. In addition, 4 media quality KPIs provide a quality overview for truly meaningful quality reporting. All KPIs and metrics are fully suitable for SLAs.

Our monitoring approach

Addressing the need for visibility

The invisibility of media quality issues is a trap. It leads to a defensive attitude, responding to problems on an issue by issue, crisis by crisis basis – when detected at all. Operations resources are wasted and the underlying patterns remain unclear.


The only way to make voice quality visible is to monitor the real-time protocol (RTP).


Through our technology, we provide our customers with deep insight into their networks, delivering them the root causes and not just the symptoms of performance problems.


Furthermore, we aim to protect our customers from impaired real-time traffic entering their domains, by enabling voice quality assurance at the network borders.


Our technology provides all the information required for proactive and effective network and voice service management.

Our partners

5 second slices

The value of slicing RTP streams

Bad user experience can take very different forms. Just to name a few common issues, these can include:


  • Words being cut off at the beginning
  • Choppy voice
  • Single-sided voice
  • “Cross-talk”
  • Dropped calls.


One of the biggest challenges is to identify such impairments automatically before customer care is hit by complaints. Closely related is the challenge of identifying the root cause of quality degradation.


Voipfuture uses passive RTP Monitoring to provide the information required. The solution reads:


  • The full traffic
  • All streams
  • Both stream directions
  • All in real-time


To deliver meaningful results we cut all streams into 5 second slices – with every slice given its own quality data record (QDR). Every 5s segment contains over 400 metrics:


  • Values
  • Ratios
  • KPIs
  • Indicators


Indicators enable effective root cause analysis. They automatically identify QDRs that suffered from specific impairment types, such as network overload conditions.

The benefit: It allows the exact time and location of an impairment to be quickly identified, making troubleshooting and service quality management highly cost-effective.


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Jan_webJan Bastian


Jan has been leading Voipfuture’s management team since October 2008. He has more than 20 years of management experience in the telecommunication technology environment and was previously a member of the management board of TELES AG for more than ten years. At TELES AG he was responsible for the telecom unit. Jan is regarded as an expert for NGN/IMS technology. He has excellent sales and marketing skills and holds a degree in Information Technology from TU Berlin.

Eyal_webEyal Ullert

Head of Sales & Marketing

Eyal is leading the sales and marketing team. He is responsible for developing and implementing the Voipfuture sales strategy. Eyal brings more than 20 years of international sales and marketing experience. Prior he joined Voipfuture, Eyal managed sales and business development for AudioCodes in West Europe. As a board member he was afterwards responsible for the worldwide sales and marketing of TELES AG in Berlin. Eyal Ullert holds a B.A. in business management from Derby University.

Why Voipfuture

The benefits of our monitoring solution

Full visibility of voice service quality for single calls, SIP trunks of enterprise customers, IPX SLAs and entire networks

  • Two-tier system architecture with passive probes and central data warehouse
  • Data warehouse facilitates easy integration with OSS/BSS systems


Trustworthy & accurate MOS/R-Factor values for every live call

  • MOS/R-Factor are calculated from own accurate measurements of packet interarrival times, packet loss, etc.
  • Known measurement points / no dependency on unreliable 3rd party data


Enabler for SLAs through KPIs based on fixed time slice measurements

  • Fixed time slicing & P.564-conformant MOS enables meaningful voice quality SLAs


Quality data also for off-net calls and multi-vendor domains

  • No dependency on optional RTCP data
  • Availability of RTCP is hard to control in heterogeneous environments and even more so in foreign networks


Protect own network from bad traffic originating in foreign networks

  • Be informed when a peering partner is sending impaired voice traffic


Rapid fault isolation through network segmentation

  • Multi-probe deployments enable rapid fault isolation by determining quality at multiple points in the network
  • Protect own network by identifying senders of bad traffic in foreign networks


Automated root cause analysis enables more effective troubleshooting

  • Patented pattern matching technology puts expert knowledge at your fingertips
  • Easily identify network overload situations, faulty endpoints and other typical impairments


Excellent ROI due to high performance and value add for existing OSS/BSS systems.

  • China Mobile
  • Atos
  • unicredit
  • ericsson
  • Kielnet
  • Mobistar
  • vodafone
  • Orange
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How to get from the airport to Voipfuture

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Voipfuture Whitepaper MWC 2017
Will VoLTE really benefit from EVS?
Voipfuture Whitepaper KPI system
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Voipfuture Whitepaper MWC 2017
Will VoLTE really benefit from EVS?
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Voipfuture Whitepaper KPI system
Why Next-Generation Voice Services Need Next-Generation KPIs
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Qrystal 6.0 Feature Highlights
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– Call Search
– Call-Related Data
– Call Flow Diagram
  • New Automatic Indicators
  • New Dashboard Portlets
  • New Interface for Qrystal Intelligence
  • Enhanced Management Features
September 4, 2019
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